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Convention de stage

If you have secured an internship outside the UK, your employer may require you and QMUL to complete a 'Convention de Stage' or ‘Internship Agreement’ document. Please note that if you are not a registered student for some or all of the period of your internship then the document would need to be edited to reflect this. If you are a final year student and have completed your course (completion is when term ends rather than when you graduate) I’m afraid that we cannot sign an agreement. This is due to the fact that a Convention/Convenio requires the University to confirm you are a registered student, which will no longer be the case.

The first thing you need to do is to ask your employer whether they will accept QMUL's standard internship agreement. If they will, then this makes things a lot quicker and easier for you and for QMUL. If you are completing your internship in France you will need to complete both French and English forms. Download both forms and instructions here:

English version [PDF 800KB]

French version [DOC 73KB]

  • If your employer will not accept QMUL's standard internship agreement, insisting that their own version is completed instead, then we will do our best to accommodate this, but the process will take longer and can be time-consuming for you and for us. If this is the case, please download Document B [PDF 2,181KB] and work through the instructions.

This agreement doesn’t cover your insurance. You need to take out fully comprehensive insurance for the whole period spent abroad on your placement, covering medical and associated expenses, personal accident, and possessions. In either case, please start this process as early as you can so that it doesn't delay the start date of your internship.

  • If your employer is happy to sign off our QMUL document BUT you will graduate during or before the internship, we can still help. Please complete the following form, which states that you are not a QMUL student for the duration of the internship.

Document C [PDF 472KB]

  • If you are a CCLS student you need to use a different Convention De Stage form. Please download the French [DOC 57KB] version here and the English [DOC 61KB] version here. Please also download and read carefully the procedure document [PDF 693KB] which tells you how to get your form completed. The completed documents should be sent to If you are a CCLS student and have any queries please contact the PG Law Team using the same email address.

For further information on the Convention de Stage, see our list of FAQs [DOC 15KB].

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