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QProjects is an award winning work experience scheme that places Queen Mary students into CV-enhancing placements in local charities and community organisations. QProjects is designed to give you the chance to add skills and experience to your CV that will make you to stand out to future employers, whilst helping a local charity in need of your time and skills. Projects generally last for 3 months and take up only 1 day a week of your time, allowing you to fit the placement around your other commitments. 

What kinds of QProjects are on offer?

Projects vary greatly and new projects come up all the time. Past projects have involved:

• Designing and building websites
• Leading marketing, PR and social media campaigns
• Writing copy for websites and publications
• Planning and putting on events
• Designing and facilitating health workshops in the local community
• Researching and writing funding proposals
• Acting as a teaching assistant at local schools
• Helping conduct and analyse surveys for social research
• Analysing and presenting raw data
• Assisting with government lobbying and human rights campaigns
• Providing support for pro-bono legal cases

Although unpaid, projects are flexible around your schedule and travel expenses are covered by Queen Mary.

You will also receive thorough feedback on your application and interview, access to a ‘transitioning into the workplace’ online module on QM Plus as well as a one on one ‘skills debrief’ with a Careers Consultant at the end of your QProject where you will get support adding your new skills and experience onto your CV.

Sign up for Alerts!

To be alerted whenever a new project comes up, sign up to the QProjects mailing list by emailing your full name, course and preferred email address to

If you are interested in other volunteering opportunities please visit the Queen Mary Student Union Volunteering team at

Read what past project leaders have said here.

What have past project leaders said?

‘I think QProjects was probably one of the most fruitful things I did at uni and if I'd had my time again I'd do more, it provides a great opportunity to gain work experience before graduating.’ 
Ryan Kirkpatrick, English Tutor Project Leader, Bethnal Green Academy

‘I feel like I can add something really valuable to every section of my CV from the skills that I have learnt. I also feel that by doing something like QProjects, it provides solid evidence for future employers to see that you have given up your time to develop these skills. I would absolutely recommend it to my friends. This is a really great service and I really feel like it has given me a greater confidence in applying for internships and jobs.’ 
Sophie Troop, Funding Strategy Project Leader, Phoenix Education Trust

‘The project itself has helped me develop many skills. I now feel incredibly confident speaking in front of crowds of both professionals and students. The opportunity helped me develop my skills of condensing information I have learnt in my History Degree and practice them in a work place environment. The opportunity has not only provided me with incredible work experience for my CV, but it has also provided me with contacts I can count on in the future’ 
Joe Barlow, Project Leader, Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

‘I definitely feel like my chances of finding another internship or job have increased by completing this project. The project has taught me a lot about myself and I have witnessed the things I am capable of doing. My previous jobs included working in a team, whereas in this role I was working on my own, making my own decisions and using my creativity so I have gained leadership skills from this role.’
Shakeel Uddin, Online Business Engagement Project Leader, School of Hard Knocks

‘Working at CHF provided me with the opportunity to prove to future employers that I have skills in communication, administration, creativity, research and planning. It certainly increased my employability and I found that I could draw upon this experience in my first ever job interview – where I incidentally did get the job!  QProjects were very helpful in guiding me on the interview journey – from suggesting a mock interview with Careers, to actually being on the panel of interviewees at CHF which offered a system of support and feedback no matter the outcome!’ 
Gabriella Navarro, Guide Writer & Editor Project Leader, Children’s Heart Federation

‘After applying for a number of opportunities at university, I can genuinely confirm that the application process for QProjects was one of the best that I have experienced so far. The fact that the role description and the requirements for the position were clearly described made it easier for me to prove my interest and draw upon previous experiences throughout the application process. I also appreciate the feedback that I received after the interview- it was helpful and tailored. I simply could not ask for more.  
Iulia Davidescu, Education Law Project Leader, Tower Hamlets Law Centre

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