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Widening Participation Student Ambassador

An ideal role for students who are considering becoming teachers or working with young people in the future.

The Widening Participation team run a variety of programmes specifically designed for school and college students who are least likely to pursue Higher Education. They employ Student Ambassadors to impart their first-hand knowledge about life at university to students ranging from Primary school Year 5 and Year 6 right through to sixth formers in Year 12. 

The role offers the opportunity for students to expand their skills in various ways, they can: 

  • Prepare and deliver presentations to large groups of students and parents. 
  • Assist with evaluation and monitoring data collection. 
  • Develop their rapport with young people and run interactive activities during Year 8 Visit days to campus. 
  • Expand their communication skills by tailoring information to specific audiences including parents
  • Supervise during ‘Experience University Weeks’ and be responsible for the safety of small groups. 

The role requires students who are enthusiastic about the subject area they study.

Any queries about this role please email:

Please note: the UK Student Recruitment team, along with individual schools and faculties across QMUL also recruit student ambassadors – these roles are advertised separately.


This scheme is flexible; projects are offered to ambassadors as and when they are available. Some projects offer consistent hours over a number of weeks while other projects are one off activities. No ambassador is required to work a set amount but we ideally expect all ambassadors to have the availability to work 3 times each term.  We respect students are juggling their study and place priority upon this. We ask for applicants to consider their ability to manage their time effectively. Applicants must maintain attendance of lectures etc. and be meeting all academic deadlines throughout the year. 

Open to:

Open to all current QMUL students.

Due to the nature of our work we require a wide subject spread amongst our ambassadors. 

With this in mind, we are only recruiting students for 2017/18 from the subject areas where we have gaps in knowledge. These subjects areas are:   

  • Computer Science
  • Dentistry
  • Drama  
  • Engineering 
  • Medicine

Additional priority will also be given to male students and those who are not entering their final year of study to ensure availability.  

We are also looking for a student who is a keen photographer to take photos at our events, please indicate in your personal statement if you are applying for this position, explain your interest/experience and confirm the make of camera you own. 


Applications for 2017-18 are now closed, if you have any questions about these roles please contact 

WP Student Ambassador Job Profile 2017 [PDF 270KB]


Recruitment for Widening Participation Student Ambassadors usually begins after Easter for the following academic year. Interviews and training take place in September and October each year. Contracts last for six months and students are asked to review their availability for the final term of the year before extending their contract.

Placement: Paid Location: On campus / Off campus
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