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QProjects Summer

A meaningful summer work experience programme placing QMUL students in local charities.

Thinking about how to make the most of next summer?

QProjects Summer is our award-winning work experience programme which gives you the opportunity to undertake a charity placement during the summer months. What was once a term-time programme now takes place over the holidays and has been designed to be flexible around your other commitments. 

Participants become project leaders, delivering challenging projects that London-based charities might not otherwise have the time or skills to complete. Past projects have included developing a marketing campaign, data analysis, running healthcare workshops, assisting with human rights campaigns – as well as many more.

If you are accepted onto the programme, you will benefit from a training day to prepare you for your placement as well as a skills debrief with a Careers Consultant following the completion of the programme. Undertaking a QProject will give you the chance to gain (and showcase to future employers) a range of skills, some experience for your CV and an opportunity to network within the charity sector. It’s also a great opportunity to give something back to your local community. 


A major benefit of this programme is that it can be flexible to work around your summer plans. You will be expected to work for approximately 12 days in the charity, usually over the course of 3, 4, 6 or 12 weeks.


QProjects Summer applications are currently closed. If you have any questions about the programme, email

What have past QProjects leaders said?

"QProjects has helped me gain interviews for jobs as the skills I have acquired have been valuable and transferable for other roles. I believe that if students are looking to gain first hand work experience and enhance their employability prospects, QProjects is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of."

- Amrin Nahar, Digital Comms Project Leader, St Joseph’s Hospice

"It was great being able to have free rein on the charity’s Instagram account which allowed me to implement a social media strategy based around themes of each week. I enjoyed being able to be creative whilst still completing tasks. I have also made very valuable friendships and professional relationships and have enjoyed being part of the team."

- Rosie Vincent, Marketing Project Leader, Rosetta Arts

"The people were really nice and supportive and they helped me a lot throughout the placement. I was allowed into all meetings, had access to all the information and was able to obtain a priceless insight on their work and struggles – I couldn’t have asked for a better team!"

- Svetlana Lepekhina, Evaluation Project Leader, Stepney City Farm


Placement: Paid / Voluntary Location: Off campus
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