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Award-winning employability programme that places QMUL students into mini consultancy projects in London-based businesses and charities.

Develop your professional skills, CV and networks by working on a real life business project. During the QConsult scheme you will work in a multidisciplinary team of students on a mini consultancy project for a business or charity who act as your client. All projects include elements of research, analysis and recommendation. After working on the project for 5 weeks teams present their findings directly to the client in the form of a short report and presentation. You will receive pre-project training from Careers & Enterprise staff around consultancy, project management, professional and presentation skills. Teams also attend regular project coaching meetings with a QMUL supervisor and a post-project debrief where you will learn how to apply this experience to future applications and interviews. You will be paid London Living Wage (£10.20 per/hour) for the 20 hours of project work for your client.

Who can become a QConsultant?

QConsult is open to Queen Mary undergraduates from all academic schools. Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply.

What is the commitment?

QConsult will take place on most Wednesday afternoons and the scheme is a semester long. When applying you can let us know whether you prefer to participate in Semester A or Semester B of 2018-19. Student consultants are asked to spend 20 hours in total working on their consultancy projects and are paid the London Living Wage (£10.20/hr) for this project work. Students attend additional training, coaching and skills debrief sessions which complement their project work.

What are the benefits?

QConsult is an excellent opportunity to build and evidence all the skills that employers most look for in a recent graduate. These include:

  • Interpersonal & team working skills whilst working with a client as well as in a diverse team.
  • Using your own initiative and creativity to solve problems.
  • Developing your project management, organisation and time management skills.
  • Developing your professional communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Applying you research and analytical skills to a real life project.

You will be provided with advice and support throughout QConsult around project management and delivering presentations and will attend a skills debrief session to learn how to sell your skills and experience to future employers.

How can I apply?

Applications are now closed. Look out for future updates in spring 2019.

What have past QConsultants said?

“The QConsult scheme is the best thing I have done at university”

“QConsult significantly improved my employability. I had the chance to work in a completely professional environment, where people – our clients – trusted our abilities. It was an incredible chance of develop range of specific and interpersonal skills, which will definitely boost my CV and confidence”

“The project was working with a real [company] therefore you are actually making a difference to a business; if you want to get a job then this opportunity gives you great exposure to people…speaking to people regularly develops the right mind-set to go out and be proactive about getting a job”

How can I learn more?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the QConsult team at If you are interested in receiving updates about any of our Careers & Enterprise opportunities please sign up to our mailing list.

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