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QChallenge London

Become a driving force and develop the leadership skills and networks for your future.

Apply to QChallenge London and you will work in a team to explore a major challenge for a London organisation with a focus on health, housing and transport. As you tackle your assigned challenge, you will meet leaders from global businesses, government and not-for-profits.

Designed in partnership with Common Purpose, QChallenge London offers you the chance to engage with the working world and develop the skills, Cultural Intelligence and networks for your future.

By participating, you’ll be in the first group of students to experience QChallenge London as it’s trialled for the QMUL Model - QMUL’s ground-breaking cross-curricular programme.

Who can take part?

QChallenge is open to all QMUL undergraduates. Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply.

When do applications open?

Applications open on Tuesday 5th October 2017 and will close at midnight on Sunday 3rd December 2017. To apply, please complete this application form.

* Before applying, please see key date information below.

What does QChallenge involve?

  • The programme will run from 5th February - 13th April 2018. You will work in teams to explore a major Challenge within an organisation and as you tackle your assigned Challenge, you will meet leaders from global businesses, government and not-for-profit organisations. This will help you and your fellow participants understand the Challenge and find creative ideas to solve it.
  • During the 2018 pilot programme you will be working within the fields of Housing, Health and Transport. Some of the organisations you could meet include: TFL, Housing Association Charitable Trust, Poplar Harca, UCL Partners, Medicines sans Frontiers, London Met, Infinity Sutton, Cross Rail and NHS.
  • Challenges run on similar programmes in the past include helping housing associations to identify ‘at risk’ tenants to prevent homelessness, and working with transport providers in making contactless payment inclusive for marginalised groups.

Key dates

  • Stage 1: Online Module

5-19 Feb 2018

The learning journey begins with a two-week ‘Introduction to Cultural Intelligence’ online module. This will help prepare you for your immersion by setting the scene and introducing you to key concepts.  

Time commitment: estimated 4 hours in total (self-directed)

  • Stage 2: Face-to-Face

19-20 Feb 2018 (Reading week)

Two intense days facilitated by Common Purpose, introducing you to the programme, to each other and to the Challenge Holder - your key contact within your assigned organisation. Spend time visiting different organizations connected to housing, health and transport, and plan your investigation.

Time commitment: 2 full days at QMUL, 8.30am – 5.30pm

  • Stage 3: Project Work

21 Feb-2 Mar 2018

Dig deeper into the Challenge through several lenses and with stakeholders from across different sectors and industries, then connect with the Challenge Holder to test your thinking.

Time commitment: estimated 20 hours (self-directed, utilising your time during reading week)

  • Stage 4: Finalising Projects

5-16 Mar 2018

Formulate and fine-tune your project idea in response to the Challenge.

Time commitment: estimated 10-15 hours (self-directed)

  • Stage 4: Presentations

21 Mar 2018

Present your final idea to the other working groups and your Challenge holding organisation.

Time commitment: The full afternoon of Wednesday 21st March at QMUL

  • Stage 6: Assessment

21-29 Mar 2018

Each project group is assessed by the Challenge organisation against the original brief

(No time commitment)

  • Stage 7: Reflective Essay 

29 Mar-13 Apr 2018

Complete a short reflective essay to help QMUL trial assessment format for the new QMUL Model.

Time commitment: estimated 1-2 hours (self-directed)

"I've had the opportunity to meet and talk to people that I never would have before, and gained vital networks. You leave the programme feeling genuinely inspired and have the confidence to believe you can be a great leader in your community and in the future. I would recommend this to anyone."

- Olivia, previous Common Purpose participant

Further information

If you have any queries about QChallenge, please contact:

Placement: Voluntary Location: Off campus
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