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Bridge the Gap

Support and inspire Year 12 students who are considering Medicine and Dentistry in their future.

Bridge the Gap is a long term project which has been running at QMUL for a number of years. The same school students, who are considering Medicine or Dentistry in the future, are invited to take part in activities each year from Year 9 onwards to expand their knowledge of these competitive degree courses. In Year 12 the participating students are matched with a QMUL E-mentor and communicate with them once per week exchanging messages, sharing resources and completing activities using a safe and secure online mentoring platform.

Mentors experience supporting young people during a time of transition while also developing their own communication skills.


Mentoring will take place between July and December 2018. Each mentor will be matched with a minimum of 3 mentees and must log in to the secure mentoring platform on average of once a week between 30 minutes – 1 hour. Mentors can choose to log in at times which best suit their own schedule. E-mentors must be available for the duration of the project and attend a compulsory 90 minute training session held in advance of the project. All e-mentors are required to complete a DBS check or provide us with details of a current DBS certificate (dated within the last 3 years).


If you are interested in taking part next year or would like more information contact Alasdair Robertson in the Widening Participation team at:

Placement: Voluntary Location: On campus / Off campus
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