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Societies Principal Officers

Be elected to run one the 160+ QMSU Societies for the academic year.

Day to day running of the society as well as working to help the society achieve their longer term aims, objectives and goals for the year.

As well as leadership skills, you are likely to develop communication skills – including public speaking and negotiating; management skills – delegation, budgeting, decision making, evaluating and organisation.

Additionally the Treasurer will gain experience and skills relating to financial management.


Flexibility in both times and amount of hours available to work, depending on society.


Set up a new society through the Students’ Union, or run for election in existing societies.


The dates to apply throughout 2016/17 are as follows (9am deadline for all):

Round 1 - 1st August > 1st September

Round 2 - 26th September > 17th October

Round 3 - 14th November > 1st December

Round 4 - 1st December > 9th January

Round 5 - 6th February > 27th February

Please note these dates will change each academic year.

You can set up a society in any of these rounds and then a decision is made by the Societies Board, which is an elected group of students that make decisions on funding/affiliations throughout the year with the assistance of the Students Union. An application form to apply for being a new society can be found on the societies webpage.

If you have any queries, contact or the Societies Coordinator Carley Owen

Placement: Voluntary Location: On campus / Off campus
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