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The reality is that securing funding can be very difficult, so many students will take out loans and also work to fund their studies. Part-time study may be worth considering if there is no funding available. It could be a chance to spread the cost and work part-time to cover your living expenses.

Sources of funding may include:

  • Scholarships - awarded for academic ability and potential
  • Sponsorships - can be obtained through employers (not very common)
  • Research and Teaching assistantships - most common in sciences
  • Career Development Loans
  • Postgraduate loan for Masters study

What you can do

  • Investigate potential funding options early, as deadlines can be early. Ask the academic department to identify the right funding body for the course or research you want to do and follow the appropriate procedure.
  • The Prospects graduate study website also has a large amount of information on sources of funding.
  • Some charities and organisations offer grants and scholarships. Careers Tagged is a good place to start. See also Prospects and Target.
  • If you are a student from outside the UK, try the scholarships section of Education UK.

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