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After the interview

  • Once the interview is over, it’s important to take some time to reflect. Think about the questions you were asked - were you satisfied with your answers? If not, what could you do better next time? Write down any questions you found more difficult to answer, so you can refer to them in your future interview preparation.
  • Think also about your impressions of the employer. Perhaps the role wasn’t quite what you thought, or the office location is a bit too far from home. Think about whether you still want to work for them, and if you would accept a job offer.
  • If the employer doesn’t contact you when they said they would, or if it has been more than two weeks since the interview, try ringing them to check the situation. If you were not selected, ask for some feedback (you’re more likely to get feedback if you phone rather than email). If you are selected, congratulations!

Going to a few interviews, even if the outcome is unsuccessful, will undoubtedly increase your confidence significantly and you’ll feel even better prepared next time. If you aren’t offered the job, it’s important to stay positive and learn from the experience. Note the things you did well and any helpful feedback you received, and set yourself some clear, manageable goals for continuing your job search. Remember that you can book a mock interview with a Careers Consultant to talk through any areas of the interview that didn’t go so well, and improve your skills for next time (or you could book a 20 minute slot to review some of your recorded answers with a Careers Consultant; please mention this when booking).

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