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InQUBEate provides seed funding, mentoring and training to help students and graduates to test and develop entrepreneurial ideas

InQUBEate is a mentoring and training programme that supports student entrepreneurs at Queen Mary University. The program currently runs twice a year for 8 weeks from the QUBE (Francis Bancroft 3.43). Participants have weekly group and 1-1 mentoring workshops, supplemented by training sessions covering all aspects of running a successful start-up business, including marketing, pitching, and business planning. 

Pitch Night

At the final meet-up of InQUBEate participants will pitch their ideas to a team of judges and a public audience at Central Working Whitechapel. In Semester 1 there will be representatives from JA Kemp solicitors on the judging panel, who will select a team to benefit from a prize of free legal advice.

How to Apply

If you need funding to help you to develop your business ideas you can apply to InQUBEate via one of three routes: Try It, Grow It and Build It. See our 'funding' page for more information.

The 2016/17 academic year cohorts are as follows:

Semester 1: Weekly from 18th October - 6th December 2016 on Tuesday evenings.
Application deadline: 5th October 2016 via Try It/ Grow It/ Build It route. 

If you'd like to participate in this cohort of InQUBEate but don't need to apply for funding please email with an outline of your business idea and the reason you'd like to join InQUBEate by 5th October 2016.

Semester 2: Weekly from 31st January - 21st March 2017 on Tuesday evenings.
Application deadline: 16th December 2016 via Try It/ Grow It/ Build It route. 

If you'd like to participate in this cohort of InQUBEate but don't want to apply for funding please email with an outline of your business idea by 14th December 2016.

InQUBEate alumni



Twitter: @WildHeartChocs
Instagram: wild_heart_chocolates

Ariel Kamara - Design Engineering BEng
Daniella Kamara – Fashion Design and Technology BEng

Business Idea
We have developed a recipe for delicious, nutritious, healthy chocolates. Our chocolate has never been heated above 42 degrees Celsius keeping all the Cacao’s beautiful mineral properties intact at their most nutritious and delicious. Friends and family loved our healthy creations and this prompted us to turn a hobby into a business and begin selling our products.




Uche Aniagwu - Biochemistry BSc
James Quigley - Biomedical Science BSc

Business Idea
Lychee - the app that lets you gamble likes, steal your friend’s likes and crush egos in the process. Lychee are bringing life to likes!

Nine Lives Notebook



Raminder Samra - Biology BSc
Joy Wamae - Psychology BSc

Business Idea
A waterproof notebook aimed at students that supports young illustrators, graphic designers and creatives by putting their work on the cover and paying them royalties (a percentage of profits made from sales).



Federico Schiaffino - Maths with Business and Finance BSc

Business Idea
My idea is to create a social network where you have the possibility to let other people know that you are organizing a football game, so that everyone can freely join and play. In this way, the very frequent problem of missing a player is solved. Like in other social networks, you can comment or rate the game and the players’ performances.

International Organisation for Advancement in Research Publications



Muhammad Adeel – Electronic Engineering BEng

Business Idea
IOARP endeavours to contribute in the advancement of research publications allowing researchers to get the most of their research articles through gradual and systematically supervised evolution of the articles. One of the main focuses of the IOARP is to engage the researchers in an incentive based partnership by offering them with quality conferences in selected domains on the cheapest rates at some of the best European destinations.



Penny Flicker - Design and Innovation MEng
Diana Nikolova - Design and Innovation graduate BEng
Ina Bagociute - Design and Innovation MEng

Business Idea
Ten80 is a patient-centric x-ray accessory that will increase the precision and accuracy of these diagnostic tools. It improves the overall experience of both the patient and the radiographer. The device is designed to specifically fit 95% of patients and includes unique features to enhance patient recovery tracking.

IB Venture Partners


Ivan Tan - Mechanical Engineering BEng and Investment and Finance MSc
Will Skrebels – Philosophy BA and Banking MSc
Paulo Prata - International Business BA and Banking MSc
Max Smilovitskiy - Economics & Corporate Finance BA and Banking & Finance MSc

Business Idea
IB Venture Partners focuses on the reactive and agile development of mobile apps. The inspiration came through identifying the typical lifecycle of a mobile app, where the average app in opened less than 20 times and only a third gets used past 30 days after download.  This high turnover cycle has formed the concept of a reactive and agile mobile app business that can develop apps quickly and efficiently.

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