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QIncubator is a high-impact entrepreneurship development programme that provides a testing ground for projects at idea-stage and early-stage. Our entrepreneur-led, 12-week programme combines enterprise training, expert coaching and peer learning to accelerate success.

The programme replaces the current InQUBEate programme, which has run for 4 years and successfully launched over 60 start-up and social enterprise teams. QIncubator has been re-designed based on insight gained from InQUBEate, as well as our wider activity supporting over 500 student entrepreneurs each year over the last four years.

QIncubator takes a lean approach to entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on identifying your problems and assumptions, testing them and iterating your business accordingly as quickly as possible. This is reflected in the programme, which supports you in formulating your business model and customer value propositions before testing these on potential customers, partners, mentors and industry experts.

Following completion of the programme, you can apply for one of our three funding awards: Try It (£500), Grow It (£5,000) or Build It (£10,000). You can find more information on each on our funding page.


Programme structure (may be subject to change)

  • Week 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (online)
  • Week 2: Defining and Validating Your Vision
  • Week 3: Customer Discovery
  • Week 4: Revenue Model
  • Week 5: Product Development
  • Week 6: Branding and Design
  • Week 7: Defining and Measuring Impact
  • Week 8: Leadership, Team Formation and Project Management
  • Week 9: Equity and Funding
  • Week 10: Legalities
  • Week 11: Pitching
  • Week 12: Final Pitch Competition


QIncubator runs twice per year, once in each semester, for twelve weeks. Dates for the 2018/19 academic year are:

Semester 1: Wednesday afternoons from 26th September – 12th December 2018.

Semester 2: Wednesday afternoons from 9th January to 27th March 2019.


Eligibility and how to apply

QIncubator is open to all students who will be studying at Queen Mary in the 2018/19 academic year or graduated less than two years ago. You may be from any School or Institute, so you’ll meet people from different programmes and disciplines. Whatever your areas of study, you’ll have an equal chance in the application process.

To apply for a place on QIncubator, please complete the online application form here.

Applications for Cohort 2 close on Sunday 25th November 2018.

Support is available if you want advice or feedback on your application. Simply email with any questions or concerns.

Success stories

InQUBEate, QIncubator's predecessor, has helped produce a number of now successful businesses and social enterprises. You can read more about some of those here.

Other programmes

QIncubator joins a revamped quite of QIncubator programmes for 2018/2019, including:

  • QHacks (launching autumn 2018): bootcamps designed to teach you how to develop a business or social enterprise in just three days.
  • QAccelerator (launching summer 2019): a similar programme for later-stage businesses looking to grow. 

You can see all of our programmes and offerings here

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