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Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests or aptitude tests are used by recruiters as another part of their selection process to assess a candidate’s suitability for a role. These tests are mainly used as part of applications to graduate schemes and larger organisations, and the type of test given will depend on the role you are applying for. Numerical tests will be given for finance and management roles and spatial or diagrammatic tests are more common for jobs in engineering and IT.

Employers will email you a link to a test and give you a certain number of days in which to complete it. This usually happens after you have submitted your application, before being invited to interview, but some companies now only allow access to their application form after first passing their psychometric tests.

Get it right

  • Practice, practice and practice some more. Not only will you get used to the way that questions are asked, but you will also familiarise yourself with the technology and pressure of being timed. The more you prepare, the more likely you are to improve your technique and minimise nerves.
  • Employers might not give you much warning before being invited to take a test, so set aside time every week to practice.

Find out more

  • The Careers & Enterprise Centre subscribe to full length practice tests, including answers, from Graduates First and Assessment Day. (Click for further details and to register).
  • Visit the Knowledge Bank on QMPlus, for our top resources to help you prepare.
  • Visit our blog for a number of posts relating to psychometric tests, with information on how to prepare, plus tips about specific tests such as Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) and Personality tests.
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