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The following are a list of resources for PhDs and Postdoctoral Researchers seeking roles beyond academia.  A website for Arts and Humanities PhD students containing careers advice and career profiles.  What do Researchers do? A study showing the first destinations of PhD students graduating between 2003 and 2007, broken down by subject. Also contains a series of career profiles from people with PhDs. 

Leaving Academia Information leaflet detailing career ideas and opportunities outside academia.

University Careers Beyond Research Information leaflet containing career ideas for individuals that are thinking of leaving research.


The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry: Useful resource or those wanting to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

British Pharmacological Society: Industry news and events, plus job listings and career information for pharmacology  

Institute of Clinical Research: Industry news and events, plus job listings, career information and case studies for various roles in clinical research

Science Communication/Administration

PSCI-COM (discussion list) for science communication and public engagement with science

British Science Association

European Medical Writers Association

Association of British Science Writers

Med Comms Networking

Science Policy

The Office of Science and Innovation

Society of Biology Policy 

Government Office For Science

Royal Society Science Policy Manager (Career Profile)

Job hunting websites


Life Sciences


Physics and Engineering

Science Communication



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