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Careers & Enterprise piloted a highly successful six week work scheme in summer 2018 for 12 QMUL PhD students and early career researchers.

Based on the award-winning employability programme for QMUL undergraduates, QConsult Researchers will place teams of QMUL PhD and postdoctoral researchers onto mini consultancy projects for London-based businesses and charities.

The scheme will run again in April - June 2019 and October – December 2019.

What will I have to do on the programme?

As a QConsultant, you and your team will be given a real-life business challenge at a local organisation. Your team will be provided with a short project brief from your host organisation, outlining the details of the challenge you are asked to solve. Previous QConsult projects have involved research, marketing, product development and evaluation.

After working on the project for six weeks, each team will present their findings and recommendations to their client organisation. Throughout the programme, you will receive advice, training and support around project management and presentation skills from the QMUL Careers & Enterprise team.

How will I benefit from being a QConsultant?

Being a QConsultant will enable you to:

  • Build your professional experience and networks outside of your PhD/postdoc
  • Develop career insights into a new sector, helping you make more informed decisions about your future career path
  • Enhance and apply your transferable skills (including cross-disciplinary working) in a new environment, to boost your CV and further enhance your employability
  • Grow your commercial awareness – an attribute valued by many employers, both in and beyond academia (in profit and not-for-profit organisations)
  • Reflect on how you can apply and articulate your experience in future job applications

You’ll leave the programme with:

  • New business and research contacts
  • One in-depth business report and one business presentation to your name
  • 20 hours of paid professional work
  • A clear understanding of how to present the experience on your CV and at interview

 Why are employers interested in working with QMUL researchers?

  • You can tackle problems with objectivity and are used to facing robust critiques of your work
  • You have extensive experience of experimental design, troubleshooting and project management because of having to manage your own research
  • You have enhanced communication skills developed through writing academic reports/journal papers and presenting at meetings and conferences
  • You have a proven track record of working independently and taking initiative
  • Working with a cross-disciplinary team of researchers could lead to particularly creative solutions to organisational problems
  • You may have additional specialist skills such as programming, graphics, bibliographic systems according to your specialism which may be useful in the workplace

Who can become a QConsultant on the QConsult Researchers programme?

QConsult Researchers is open to all QMUL PhD students and postdoctoral researchers (Research Associates and Teaching Associates are also welcome to apply), across all of the QMUL faculties.

*Please note that if you are a PhD student then you must get your supervisor's permission to apply for this programme before you apply.*

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