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This section of the website is specifically designed to help PhD Students and Research Staff (Postdoctoral Researchers, Research Assistants, Research Associates, and Research Fellows) from all disciplines.

The menu on the left shows the range of events and support available. For the latest updates you can also follow us on Twitter: @QMResearchers and @QMpostdocs

Recent feedback from Researchers:

"I am very inspired and less stressed out with the whole 'I don't know what to do with my life, ahhhh'."

"You'll be glad to hear that the interview went well and that I got the job! Thank you very much for all your help before the interview - the panel asked me questions that were very similar to some of the questions you asked me in the mock interview, so it was really helpful to have thought about the answers I would give beforehand and to get some feedback on those answers."

"Thank you again for all your help! Those practice interviews really helped and I wouldn't have got it (the job) without your help. I really appreciate it!"

"So, I got the job - in fact I start on Monday! Thanks very much for your helpful advice and feedback, it obviously did the trick."

"I can't thank you enough for all your help so far, it is very reassuring to have a careers adviser specifically for researchers to be able to talk to at quite a daunting time."

"After talking to you I began to see how I could use my transferable skills and varied experience, which has given me a new lease of energy!"

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