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Employer Presentations and Promotional Activities

Collecting brochures at a careers fair

If you are looking to promote opportunities within your organisation, we can design bespoke engagement events to reach your target audience. 

  • Presentations
  • High footfall areas
  • Recruiter in Residence


Presentations are a great way to exclusively promote your organisation to a targeted audience. We can work with you to create your perfect introduction to our students, or maintain your links with a targeted audience.   

High footfall areas

The Mile End library is the academic hub of the University, but also a space where students increasingly socialise with a café and casual meeting space.

On average, the footfall in this area reaches over 1000 students between 12:00-16:00 daily, making this a great location to showcase your opportunities. In particular, the Spring and start of the Summer terms are the busiest periods.

Recruiter in Residence

If you’ve met one of our students at an event and want to discuss your opportunities with them for pre-screening purposes, or want to hold interviews on campus, we can offer the use of a recently refurbished careers interview room. We can also offer a café space for more informal conversations.

This provides the opportunity for students to obtain a realistic account of life as an employee at your organisation and gives you the chance to meet students who are seriously considering applying to you.

To find out more about these events or book please contact the Careers Events team via or telephone 020 7882 6922.

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