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Below is a list of the main activities you can engage with here at Queen Mary University of London, linking to further information on each.

Careers information fairs

Our sector-specific Careers Fairs are a key way to meet with a range of students.

‘Focus On…’ programmes

Our popular ‘Focus On…’ programmes are dedicated series which look at a particular industry or sector. The series combine a range of panel discussions, presentations, business games and networking sessions, all linked by a common theme.

Presentations and promotional activities

If you are looking to promote your opportunities within your organisation, we can design bespoke engagement events to reach your target audience.

Skills development programme

We have a range of programmes aimed at helping develop recruitment and selection skills as well as general workplace skills. These series run both in specific departments and across the whole University.

To book an event or discuss formats please contact us via or 020 7882 6922

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