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QProjects is our Guardian University Award 2014 winning programme providing meaningful opportunities for Queen Mary University of London students to develop their work based skills while supporting charities located in London.
Working with the charity we define a particular project that would benefit both our student and the host organisation.
Students are called QProject Leaders, and are placed in your charity for one day per week for three months.

If you are not a Registered, or Exempt, Charity please take a look at our other services here

This service is a free service but we require organisations to complete the below steps before we will consider taking on your project.

QProjects will help you with writing a project profile tailored to our students, market the role, sift applications and coordinate and conduct interviews alongside your organisation.
In order to provide a transparent and efficient service to both your organisation and students we require organisations to follow the below steps.  

Step 1. – Check your eligibility and commitments

As a university we have a duty of care to students and graduates we introduce to working environments.

  • Organisations must be in receipt of a Registered Charity Number, or be an Exempt Charity.
  • In order to comply with National Minimum Wage Legislation, all QProjects must be flexible around the student’s availability and take up no more one day per week during term time, and two days per week in University breaks.
  • Your organisation needs to have a workspace in an office environment. Co-working spaces are acceptable but the company should not be hot-desking.
  • Your organisation must not be home-based, and we do not support roles that require students to work from home
  • We will ask you to supply details of your insurance, equal opportunities, and volunteering policies before a student can be placed with you.
  • You will need to ensure that you have someone available to line manage and support the student during the duration of their time with you.


You will need to commit to having a member of your organisation available to manage the student throughout the project. We expect the intern to have regular meetings with their manager, and have clear goals for their time with you as agreed in the initial project profile. A student participating in QProjects is normally a student or recent graduate who will require a level of support beyond experienced employees and you will need to factor this into your day-to-day operations. QProject Leaders should be viewed as a volunteer you are developing, and be based on your agreed project. If you require a temp to fulfil administration tasks you may wish to utilise our service QTemps which provides temporary admin staff.

You will also need to keep in mind there will be a time commitment of between two to five weeks for recruiting a QProject Leader, this will include reviewing applications and conducting interviews.

Finally you will also need to ensure you can absorb the costs of taking a QProject Leader. You will need to supply them with equipment and work based expenses (exclusive of travel to your office).

Step 2. – Contact the QProjects Coordinator

If you meet the criteria above please contact the QProjects team: or by phone on 020 7882 6920.

Please send across an outline of the type of project you are looking to develop within your organisation. The QProjects Coordinator will also be happy to discuss the suitability of projects.

Please outline in your email the type of student you are looking for, and the times cale for recruitment. Typically we find the best response for QProjects roles from students is in October, January – February and May-June.

Please note we reserve the right not to work with organisations who may bring Queen Mary University of London into disrepute or if, based on experience we will not be able to source a suitable candidate for you.

Step 3. – Maintaining a fair selection process

In order to maintain a fair selection process QProjects are advertised on our service QRecruit and JobOnline as well as emailed to appropriate departments, and student societies.

Applicants then submit an application to our QProject Coordinator who will conduct an initial sift, based on your basic criteria. Candidates who make this stage will then have their applications sent to you on an agreed date for you to conduct a second sift.

After this stage we require you to let us know who you would like to take forward to interview. We are happy to organise interview appointments, and a member of our team will assist with the interview process in order to give students interview feedback.

Step 4. – After appointment

After you have appointed a person to your QProject the QProject Coordinator will contact you with an agreement and ask you to complete a health and safety check in advance of the QProject Leader starting with you. 

The QProject Coordinator will remain in contact with you at agreed intervals to ensure that you and the intern are enjoying a productive working relationship.

If any issues do arise we require supervisors and their QProject Leader to have an open conversation, but in the event of an unresolved conflict the QProject Coordinator can be available as a last resort to act as third party.

Step 5. – At the end of the QProject

Once the QProject period is over we ask both the organisation and the QProject Leader to provide feedback, and where possible we like to capture case studies which are used in marketing to other organisations, and to students who might be interested in a project in the future.

We also require your organisation to notify the QProjects Coordinator when the project is drawing to a close in order for us to organise a ‘skills audit’ with the student. This is used to monitor their progress with you and help them in their future job hunt.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the process of recruiting a QProject Leader, or are ready to recruit please email as outlined in step 2.

If you have a volunteering opportunity that does not meet our scheme criteria, then please contact QMSU Volunteering.

Is there a project you’ve always wanted to get done, but never got round to? Would you welcome fresh ideas?

QProjects, an award-winning work experience scheme powered by QMUL Careers & Enterprise, can help you.
We place QMUL students in challenging local voluntary roles, giving them the chance to develop their skills, and you the chance to finally get that project you’ve been sitting on underway.

Why you should get involved

-You’ll have a bright, enthusiastic and skilful QMUL student investing their energy into your charity.
-You’ll give invaluable help to a student in building their professional profile, enabling them to compete in the job market.
-You can get support with a wide range of tasks. In the past, students have raised thousands in fundraising bids, rewritten strategies, and built websites from scratch.

Student Testimonials

Name: Daniella Harrison
QProject: Marketing Coordinator at Rosetta Arts
What they had to say: “I like that the QProjects Team are very supportive throughout the process and are always on hand if you have any questions or need any help with anything.”

Name: Sam Allen
QProject: Strategy Project Leader at Bow Food Bank
What they had to say: “The project helped me improve on my research and communication skills. The initial stages of the project involved approaching food banks across the UK and this was a great exercise in requesting information from individuals and organisations in a professional context. Working on the step-by-step guide also helped me develop skills that would be greatly suited to an operations role that could be deployed in any sector.”

Host Testimonials

Organisation: Cystic Fibrosis Trust
What they had to say: “Because the volunteers have been so good, it is has raised the profile of volunteers within the organisation. I hope to participate in the QProject scheme for many years to come.”

Organisation: Stratford Circus
What they had to say: “It is very rewarding to see a young person gain and improve on major skills needed in the workplace, and to see them go on to success.”

Find out more

If you have a query about QProjects, contact Lindsey Shirah, Programmes Manager: or 020 7882 6923.

If you have a volunteering opportunity that does not meet our QProjects scheme criteria, then please contact the Queen Mary Student Union Volunteering Service 

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