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What is QConsult?

QConsult is Queen Mary University of London’s award-winning employability programme. It places a diverse range of exceptional QMUL students into mini consultancy projects in London-based businesses and charities. Organisations are able to solve a business challenge while providing a meaningful opportunity where students can use their skills, fulfil their potential and develop their employability.

Organisations provide a team of students with a short project brief outlining the details of a particular business challenge. Past QConsult projects have involved researching and analysing information, looking into improvements around marketing and business development, product development, and reviewing policies and processes.

The student teams work on the project for a set amount of time, after which they present their findings and recommendations to the client. While conducting their projects the students receive advice, training and support around project management and presentation skills from the QMUL Careers & Enterprise team.

Who can host a QConsult project?

Any London based business, charity, social enterprise or not-for-profit

Why host a QConsult Commercial project?

The benefits of hosting a QConsult project include:

  • Access to a subsidised additional resource for your organisation that will allow you to tackle problems that you may not have had the resources or time to work on in the past.
  • A limited time commitment from the client as the students are trained and supported throughout their project by the QMUL Careers & Enterprise team.
  • The opportunity to benefit from the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm of high-achieving students from a world-class university.
  • The programme functions as a cost-effective means of trialling potential future employees. 71% of hosts said they would consider recruiting from their student team and some have gone on to offer students jobs.
  • It’s a unique means for your organisation to make a positive impact on the prospects of young people in the local community. 100% of students reported 6 months later that their project work had a lasting impact on their employability.

How much does it cost our organisation to host a QConsult project?

Nothing – QConsult is free for all hosts.

What do host organisations need to provide?

  • Your staff time - We ask that each QConsult host allocates a contact person for the student team. This person will be well briefed by a member of the Careers & Enterprise team. They will be asked to be available (by email/phone) to respond to queries from their Student Project Coordinator for the duration of the project period and will host an initial meeting, a mid-project check-in and a final presentation from the student team.

What previous hosts say:

‘I enjoyed the overall experience of hosting the QConsult Project. I really liked working with young minds and wish them a successful journey ahead. The programme helped us to get introduced to some good potential talent.’ – Raahil Burhaani, Managing Director, Pentalumen (business)

‘It was more than we were hoping for. We set the standard high and they delivered. The project has contributed to the development of our business. They delivered a very useful report and advice we can work with. We can use their findings in a lot of big projects.’ – Vincent Wijdeveld, Operations Manager, Launch 22 (social enterprise)

‘I really liked that the students brought such fresh enthusiasm and ideas; the new perspectives that they brought to the table were brilliant. We really enjoyed QConsult and can’t wait to be involved again!’ Frances Maxwell, Senior Development Officer, Creative Support (charity)

You can read a selection of business case studies business case studies here [PDF 2,187KB].

Find out more

If you’re interested in joining our award-winning programme, email the QConsult team at or phone 020 7882 3684.

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