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QConsult Summer supported by J.P.Morgan

Mini consultancy projects working on real-life business challenges within London-based organisations.

Hosted by Queen Mary University of London, QConsult Summer 2020 works in partnership with City University of London & University of East London to place students into mini consultancy projects within London-based organisations. This award-winning employability programme will give students from these three universities the opportunity to work together.

As a participant on this programme, you will tackle a real-life business challenge within an organisation, which will give you the opportunity to use and build your skills, develop your employability and learn more about the working world.

Each team of students will be provided with a short project brief from their host organisation, outlining the details of a particular business challenge. All projects involve an element of research, analysis & recommendation.

After working on the project for a set amount of time, each team will present their findings and recommendations to the organisation. Throughout the programme you will receive advice, training and support from the QMUL Careers & Enterprise team at the QMUL campus in Mile End. You will also attend a celebration and a networking event at J.P. Morgan’s offices in Canary Wharf.

Who can become a QConsultant?

Please note that due to funder objectives, QConsult Summer is only open to undergraduate home students. Furthermore, this support and progression programme is targeted at students from groups currently underrepresented in higher education.

As QConsult Summer is a cross university programme, each university has different criteria for who is eligible to participate in this programme. If you are eligible to apply for this programme, you should receive more information about this directly from your university via email letting you know how you can apply. 

If you are a QMUL student you will only be eligible for this programme if you match the above criteria, and are in receipt of a bursary from QMUL.

If you are a student from City University or UEL, please contact your respective careers service to confirm your eligibility before applying.

Hours and pay:

You will be paid for 20 hours in total for your work on a consultancy project and this will be paid at the London Living Wage. As well as this you will receive additional training throughout the programme, in the form of training sessions with QMUL Careers & Enterprise, learning new skills alongside your paid work experience.

You will need to complete an application form detailing your understanding of the programme and your motivation. Successful applicants will then be invited to upload a video interview in response to set questions by Wednesday 20th May. From there if you are successful, we will place you in teams and assign you to a consultancy project with an organisation.

The programme will take place from 8th June to 1st July 2020 (specific schedule to be confirmed) and you must be available for this full period which will be made up of your training sessions, project work and reflection sessions.

How do I become a QConsultant?

Applications for QConsult Summer 2020 will open on Tuesday 10th March, with the deadline for applications being at midnight on Sunday 10th May. The application form will be emailed to you if you are eligible to apply.

What have past QConsultants said?

 “An amazing experience. The mentors from J.P Morgan were very supportive. It was an opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team, understanding the different approaches to a problem. As someone who is looking to work in the financial service, namely investment banking or asset management; consultancy is something I will explore further as I have thoroughly enjoyed it”- Mohammed Shahjahan Ahmed

QConsult gave me a unique, enlightening, first-hand experience that my degree alone could not as well as help me network with J.P. Morgan employees. The programme taught me how to balance client expectations with what is realistically achievable and how best to report findings” - Surajit Kar

“The QConsult team were very helpful and supportive. Elizabeth [the business client] was very friendly and encouraging and has even decided to implement some of our recommendations. I feel that I have strengthened my skills and the "marketing your CV" workshop has made me feel even more employable” -  Amber Tume

Case Studies & Video Diaries

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Watch some of our fantastic QConsult video diaries from the QConsult Summer 2019 programme on the QMUL Careers & Enterprise YouTube channel.

How can I learn more?

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact the QConsult team at 

If you have specific questions around your eligibility for the programme, you will need to contact your university's careers service so that they can accurately assess your query:

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