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Careers appointments: what to expect and how to get the most out of them

Before your appointment

  • Arrive on time to maximise the full 20 minutes.
  • Decide on one or two specific things that you want to talk about.
  • Think about what you want to reasonably achieve in the session.
  • Check out our resources.

During your appointment

  • Your Careers Consultant will ask what you want from your session and find out what stage you are at.  
  • Together you’ll agree a focus and your next step.
  • We will work in partnership with you to move you forward in whatever way is best for you. This might be one of the following:
    - Gaining an understanding of the graduate job market
    - Assessing your skills, career values and experiences
    - Learning how to present yourself confidently to employers in person or on your CV
    - Getting advice on how to handle employers’ selection processes
    - Identifying different job hunting methods and career resources
    - Talking through decisions around jobs or postgraduate study
    - Deciding on the most appropriate next step towards your plan

After your appointment

We are unable to:

  • Find a job for you - we support you through specialist resources, vacancy listings, advice and employer events.
  • Give advice on Visas – please contact Advice and Counselling.
  • Offer detailed knowledge of job hunting outside of the UK – we have a number of specialist resources to help you.
  • Tell you what career is right for you – we’ll help you to identify your career priorities.
  • Proof read your CV or application form – we’ll advise you on the best content.
  • Make a decision for you – it’s your life, you are the expert!
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