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You Said We Did

1. You said: You should advertise in lectures. Also I think it would be good if lecturers too we informed of careers events so they could tell students themselves.

We did: Our new student marketing assistant is now doing regular class shouts and letting lecturers know about our upcoming events.

2. You said: It would be really useful if to practice full length psychometric tests online.

We did: We have purchased a subscription so are able to offer this to students. 

3. You said: Advertise careers events in Ground coffee shop and the learning cafe, as that's where many students hang out. 

We did: There is now a space on the notice-boards in Ground specifically for Careers. We are also looking into how we can advertise effectively in the Learning Cafe. 

4. You said: It would be a great insight if the speakers / employers / professionals at events shared their personal experience, be it about interviews, how they got that job etc. 

We did: We have introduced a new speed-meet style of event, where students have the opportunity to talk to speakers in small groups and ask them about their experiences. 

5. Students said: I feel that longer appointments would be better as 15 minutes is not always enough to cover everything.

We did: We have increased the length of our appointment times to 20 minutes.  

6. Students said: I found the careers website and Facebook page really helpful, but it would also be good for careers to be on Twitter where we can follow event updates etc

We did: You can now follow us on Twitter as well as Facebook at

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