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How to book an appointment

The Careers & Enterprise Centre is open from 9.30-5pm Monday to Friday. 

We offer 20 minute appointments daily. To book please either visit us (WG3 Queens' Building) or call 0207 882 8533.  

Bookings can be made up to one week in advance and if you are unable to get to campus we offer phone or Skype appointments. Due to high demand, only one appointment can be booked at a time. 

Appointments can cover any careers query, including:
-  CV & application feedback
-  Finding and applying for work experience, part-time work or graduate jobs
-  Deciding what to do after graduation
-  Starting your own business

Practice interviews

You need to have an actual interview scheduled to book a practice interview. Please phone us on 0207 882 8533 or visit the Careers & Enterprise Centre to arrange a time.

Once you have booked your practice interview appointment, you will receive an email confirmation with the instructions, as per below:

  • Click ‘Student login’ on this webpage: and sign in using your QMUL username & password.
  • Under the ‘Forms & Information’ tab, please complete and submit the online mock interview form.
  • We will need to receive your form by 12.00pm the day before your appointment (Friday if your mock interview is on a Monday) so we can prepare the interview to meet your needs.

If you do not complete the form your appointment will be cancelled. 

To help you prepare, visit our QMPlus page for sample interview questions, access our online interview simulator and view our interview videos.

What else do we do?

We run a range of employer and alumni events throughout the year. See our events page for upcoming events and how to book.

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