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Statement of Service

You can use Queen Mary Careers & Enterprise if you are: 

  • a current full-time student of Queen Mary
  • a part-time student of Queen Mary following a college-accredited degree or post-graduate programme of study lasting at least one academic year
  • a graduate of Queen Mary from within the past two years
  • Staff are seen at the discretion of the Head of Service. Please ask for details.

What we offer you

  • Employability talks, workshops and networking opportunities, delivered by employers and Careers Consultants
  • One-to-one appointments with Careers Consultants who will help you to identify your options, make decisions and plan your next steps
  • One-to-one CV, application form or personal statement feedback
  • One-to-one practice interviews
  • Access to a range of vacancy services and work experience programmes
  • Enterprise appointments and funding opportunities for starting your own business
  • Information on a range of job and career related topics, from developing commercial awareness and evidencing competencies, to how to network and develop a LinkedIn profile. 
  • Access to online resources such as a mock interview simulator, practice psychometric tests and job market information

Intercollegiate students

All University of London intercollegiate students (i.e. undergraduates and postgraduates from other University of London Colleges taking courses at Queen Mary) are entitled to use the Queen Mary Careers & Enterprise Information Room, 1-1 appointments, employer events programme and online resources throughout the year.

However our enterprise seed funding options and work experience programmes (QConsult, QInterns, QProjects and QTemps) are not currently available to intercollegiate students. This is due to funder requirements.
Careers Services at your home institution may offer seed funding and work experience programmes.

How to provide us with feedback 

Client feedback, both positive and negative, underpins continuous, quality improvement of our service and is vital to us.

Complaints will be dealt with in accordance with The Careers Group complaints procedure, a copy of which is displayed prominently in the Careers & Enterprise Centre - in the first instance any complaint should be made to an appropriate member of staff. If you are unwilling or feel unable to approach a member of staff, you should raise the matter with the Head of Careers & Enterprise. Please contact a member of staff if you would like clarification or a copy of the procedure.  

Disability and accessibility

Careers & Enterprise subscribes to The Careers Group statement of service for the provision of services for users with disabilities.

Please ask our staff if you need assistance to enable you to use our facilities and services more effectively. 

To view the complete Statement of Service for The Careers Group, our parent body, please visit

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